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Links and Information

Here you will find links to useful information pertaining to the Great Miami River Summit. Just click on the file to access the document. All files are .pdf files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it here.

2010 River Summit
Greater Ohio Policy Center
Ohio's Great Corridor Brainstorming Session notes

2010 City Waterfront Development
City of Hamilton Riverside Riverfront Walk
City of Troy & the Tin Roof Restaurant

2010 Farmland & Open Space Preservation Panel
Miami Conservancy District

2010 Recreation & Tourism Panel
Five Rivers MetroParks
City of Troy
Miamisburg; Great Miami Outfitters (presented w/o power point)
Springfield Eco Sports Corridor
Hamilton Great Miami Rowing Center

2009 River Summit

City of Dayton 2009
City of Miamisburg 2009

                                                            City of Troy 2009
                                                            City of West Carrollton 2009
                                                            Five Rivers MetroParks
Rivers Institute at the University of Dayton 2009                                                     
                                                                        2008 River Summit
                                                            City of Miamisburg 2008
                                                            City of Troy Treasure Island 2008
                                                            City of Troy 2008 I
                                                            City of Troy 2008 II
                                                            Five Rivers MetroParks
Dayton Development Coalition
                                                            River Corridor Map 2008